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Video | Chinese netizens are increasingly turning to livestreaming during the COVID-19 pandemic

How did Chinese people spend most of their time while stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak? One major answer is livestreaming—on platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, and Bilibili—according to data research firm QuestMobile.

Chinese users spent over 446 minutes online, which is over seven hours per day. The time netizens spent online, on average, has increased by 21.5% in February as compared to January, while online platforms have all reported a growing number of users engaged in livestreaming events.

From a man who livestreamed himself sleeping, to the Shanghai Fashion Week and the Strawberry Music Festival, among other events, livestreaming has become one of the major trends of 2020. Livestreaming e-commerce has also seen a boost as many physical retail shops have remained closed for months.

As China slowly recovers from the outbreak, watch how different livestreaming initiatives brought entertainment to millions of people under lockdown.

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