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Hello World 2020 | Part 1 ‘Global Business in 2020: Taking Stock’

One might be forgiven for thinking that the second decade of the 21st century would herald a new pinnacle of civilization for all. After all, the world has evolved mightily over the past two millennia. Yet, 2020 has proven otherwise, with the year ushering in unprecedented peaks of uncertainty and turmoil across society. In this era of change, reflection is not just appreciated, but necessary.

In line with this, 36Kr Global’s year-end festival, Hello World 2020: In Retrospect – A New Era for Global Businesses, will be held on December 15 and 16, 2020. The theme of Part 1 will be “Global Business in 2020: Taking Stock”. Expect fruitful discussion on the highs and lows of the year gone past and insight into what our speakers expect 2021 to look like.

Part 1 “Global Business in 2020: Taking Stock” Speaker Line-up

Part 1 “Global Business in 2020: Taking Stock” Topics

1. Opportunities for the 10 years ahead

History repeats itself, and the rise and fall of organizations can be predicted by taking a broad view of historical patterns. Our guests will cover what they believe to be the key changes in the world over the past ten years, covering especially the implications of China’s economic rise. They will tap on their depth of experience to share some insights into China’s growth in the upcoming ten years, with a focus on its relationship with the rest of the world. Our guests will also look at emerging new technologies and how this will affect society’s blueprint going forward.

2. Looking back at 2020

Enough has been said about 2020 being an unusual year. COVID-19 has surfaced plenty of problematic social contradictions and generated conflict in both the business and geopolitical world. But this is not all gloom and doom, as conflict can generate opportunities for resolutions that can help society progress rapidly forward. As we look to usher in the third decade of the 21st century, what can we learn from the past year?

3. Turbulent global secondary markets

Over the past year, global capital markets have undergone significant upheaval. A slew of large Chinese companies has chosen to delist from foreign markets and head back to Hong Kong for secondary listings. The question is whether this will generate sustainable new opportunities for the secondary markets going forward. But aside from China, unicorns from Southeast Asia and South Asia are blazing a trail forward this year with unprecedented haste. Will the unicorns of these emerging markets become the new darlings of global capital markets? And how will international politics affect the fundamentals of the global economy?

4. Global investment insights

With the rise of populism and protectionism along national lines, investors are going to have to make some hard choices. How will investors choose to deploy their capital, and what advice can seasoned investors give to entrepreneurs and companies in these troubling times? Two special guests from the investment industry will share their thoughts on Chinese venture capital and companies looking to expand overseas.

5. Globalization through stormy waters

For Chinese companies looking to expand, going overseas is a must. But this comes with huge amounts of risks, and in the face of unprecedented challenges amid the “new normal”, how can companies turn these challenges into opportunities and refine their strategic direction? From product launching to brand localization, what experiences have established Chinese companies learned when seeking growth overseas? And in the face of an increasingly complex future, how can companies develop organizational capabilities to ensure adaptability and agility?

Further previews

In addition to Part 1 “Global Business in 2020: Taking Stock”, we will be also announcing the three remaining parts catering to specific topics of interest, namely, Venture Capital in Emerging Markets, Chinese Companies Going Global, and Hot Global Industries. Further details will follow on these events, stay tuned to KrASIA for more updates on the agenda and speakers!

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