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36Kr Global celebrates first anniversary

A year has gone by in the blink of an eye, and we now celebrate 36Kr Global’s first anniversary. 2020 has been an exceptionally challenging year on all fronts in the face of a global pandemic, rising geopolitical tensions, and a teetering economic climate. In the face of such tests to the ideal of a globalized society, the value of connections is becoming even more prominent.

As 36Kr’s overseas business arm, 36Kr Global, strives to bring you information from all corners of the world with a view to supporting your cross-border operations and innovation endeavors globally. We take a critical eye to daily news and use our connections to gather cutting-edge professional opinions and deep insight into the latest happenings across the world’s emerging markets.

From 2017 to 2019, we built up three strong brands: 36KrChuhai, KrASIA, and 36Kr Japan. In 2019, we went one step further and formally integrated our three brands into an overseas arm, 36Kr Global.

36Kr Chuhai is a Chinese language media outlet that focuses on global economic developments. It focuses on Chinese and foreign juggernauts, investment institutions, and promising startups across emerging markets.

In order to present different perspectives to global business opportunities, we also introduced the ‘in Focus’ series, which cuts into globalization trends in major industries through interviews with key players in the new economy, and presents daily to weekly reports on major venture capital events in our markets. This is on top of our basic news and industry reports. In addition, 36Kr Chuhai has also established a cross-border community with over 5000 participants with the goal of promoting industry exchange and cooperation.

Consistent with our theme of greater integration, 36Kr Chuhai also introduced activities such as our Globiz webinar series, where partners share their challenges entering non-Chinese markets in order to assist potential entrants in understanding foreign business ecosystems.

KrASIA is an English language media outlet headquartered in Singapore, which focuses on technology and business developments across Asia. Since its establishment in 2017, it has generated over 3000 original publications with monthly traffic in excess of 10 million hits. With 36Kr’s strong backing in China’s new economy and comprehensive insight into Asia’s business ecosystem, KrASIA has rapidly developed into one of the most professional and authoritative sources on China and Southeast Asia. Within a short space of time, it has become the premier preferred channel for global readers to access content in these regions.

36Kr Japan is a Japanese language media outlet that aims to connect the business ecosystems of China and Japan. Founded in 2018, it is the only professional media outlet in the Japanese market that focuses on developments in China’s new economy. 36Kr Japan has become a window for Japanese investors and players to peek into China and has quickly gained the respect of local multinationals, internet companies, and investors.

In 2019, 36Kr Japan reached a global strategic partnership with Japan’s largest and most authoritative financial newsgroup, Nikkei.  The partnership is committed to building a bridge between Japanese and Chinese players in the entrepreneurship and innovation sphere with the goal of promoting greater business integration between both countries.

2020 has brought about new challenges in information sharing and co-operation. In light of this, we have drawn on our past experiences and resources to launch three new products: Oasis, AIRP, and CONNECTO, which take information sharing to a different level.

Oasis is committed to bringing human-centric stories of people working in the technology industry to life, with the aim of providing a centralized and borderless platform for everyone to gather, learn, and interact with each other. As a safe space for discussion, our contributors discuss topics ranging from innovation approaches to leadership, mental health, and social impact. Our Oasis readers come from all walks of life—such as engineers, startup founders, employees, investors, or simply people with a budding interest in the field. We do not only focus on technology, but on the wider needs of the industry, and aim to build up a strong community based on the sharing of personal stories.

AIRP (Asia’s Innovation Resource Platform) is a cross-border consulting and research team under 36Kr Global. We realized that companies are increasingly deploying their innovation strategies across multiple markets and countries, but face entry barriers due to difficulties such as language, cultural, and business dissimilarities. We have a rich history of cooperating with companies across all these regions and aim to draw on this to connect large players and startups in disparate regions with potential partners through our extensive networks.

CONNECTO is an industry consulting and service platform under 36Kr Japan. The rapid development of China’s new economy has resulted in a flurry of new business models and technologies, which Japanese players are taking note of. CONNECTO provides Japanese companies with first-hand industry research, new technology insight, and professional consulting services to help them dock in Asia more effectively.

We are honored to receive the well wishes of our global partners on this very special day, as compiled in the video below.

“36Kr Global is celebrating its first anniversary with the deep support of our various regional partners. This year, global markets have faced many challenges and created many new opportunities. In all of this, we see the potential for co-operation and win-win solutions as a long-term direction for the world. We will continue to uphold the original intention of 36Kr Global, which is to assist Chinese companies, connect the world, and participate more deeply in the changing global industry,” says 36Kr’s CEO, Feng Dagang.

36Kr Global’s CEO, Max Ma, echoes this. “We will continue to connect people and companies to each other using a combination of news and services. We want to create more value for businesses and society, and want to explore new markets using our deep connections. As more companies and business partners take notice of our networks, we can generate greater value for all.”

Aside from its foothold in media, 36Kr Global has established resources and advantages on various fronts, such as its data, information, and partner networks across various industries. It services hundreds of millions of Chinese and foreign readers and hundreds of multinational companies and startups. In the future, it seeks to continually uphold its mission of promoting cross-border business opportunity and partnership, while adhering to its core values of humility, tolerance, respect, and innovativeness.

We will continue to launch valuable content series and projects, and if you would like to join us in our growth journey, click here to see the roles available! We will always be on the lookout to build meaningful partnerships. Reach us at to learn more about what we’re currently working on.

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