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CheckItOut! | What to Do When Tech Jobs Go Bad?

If you are an engineer or a developer, you may assume that, the only thing that contributes to productivity is coding, anything else is a waste of time and even counter-productive.

Backend software engineer Alejandro Wainzinger is one of them. And he changes jobs for it.

No matter how many companies I go to, work eventually sucks. In the tech companies in which I’ve worked, sooner or later a similar set of problems becomes apparent that would require either a change of management, or rapid extreme changes in the style of the existing management to resolve. Typically, neither of these things happen and I seek other places in the hopes of encountering better management.

Drawing on his experiences with all the tech companies, big or small, Alejandro writes a post for coders stuck in similar situations. With actionable advice of course.

This is my humble attempt at describing what I’ve seen, what the problems are, and what some possible solutions could be.

It’s long. But with bullet points provided, you’re good to go.

Jason Zheng
Jason Zheng
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