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Voices | China’s “Queen of VC” Xu Xin: Fixating on one thing doesn’t work in the Internet business

Recently, China’s “Queen of VC”, Xu Xin, discussed about MeiTuan’s IPO in an interview with Yi Cai (第一财经).

In response to the concerns about Meituan not being focused enough, Xu Xin said, “They don’t understand. There is a saying that I agree very much. If you are in the traditional business, you must put all your attention in one thing. But if you are in the Internet business, you must be like an octopus to find opportunities wherever you can. Fixating on one thing doesn’t work here.”

She also commented on MeiTuan’s CEO Wang Xing. She said that Wang Xing is often not the first-mover in the business, but he learns quickly, digs in depth, has stronger execution, and picks the right strategy.

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