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CheckItOut! | Tao Zhang of Dianping regrets Meituan-Dianping merger didn’t happen sooner and thus missed the ride-hailing opportunity

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GGV Capital, the US-China VC with excellent investment performance, launched their 996 Podcast a few days ago. Its managing partner Hans Tung interviewed some of the most influential figures in China tech scene, eg. Jerry Yang of Yahoo!, Liu Zhen of ByteDance, Kai-Fu Lee of Sinovation Ventures.

The latest interview was with Tao ZHANG, the founder of Dianping, a lifestyle services company that is often known as “the Yelp of China”. In 2015, Dianping merged with its rival Meituan to form Meituan-Dianping, which now worth $30B and is the fourth most valuable startup in the world.

This 69 minutes long interview covered a lot of stuff dating back to the “thousand-Groupon war” in China in 2010. What I found the most inspiring is:

1) How he and Xing WANG (CEO of Meituan-Dianping) see “boundary of a company” differently.

2) Tao ZHANG’s opinion on picking sides and how to approach strategic investments from giants like Tencent and Alibaba.

3) Tao ZHANG regrets Meituan-Dianping merger didn’t happen sooner and thus missed the ride-hailing opportunity, which was seized by Didi-Chuxing, now a $56 billion company.

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