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CheckItOut! | Regular One-on-One Meetings Save Your Company Culture!

As the founder of an early stage startup, what do you do to build, or in the worst case scenario, to save your company culture?

(I’m highlighting it because this is a very important but often an overlooked question.)

Alex Turnbull, the CEO & Founder of Groove, has the most effective and actionable answer to this question: just do one-on-one meetings with every employee. I’ve been there and couldn’t agree more.

Don’t have time for that? Trust Alex, and make time.

One-on-one meetings take a lot of time, and the investment increases as you grow…But it’s worth it.

In his detailed blog post, Alex tells his own story about the changes such one-on-one meetings brought to his business. What’s more, he has some practical tips for better one-on-ones. Go and CheckItOut!

Jason Zheng
Jason Zheng
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