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CheckItOut! | All the WHYs/HOWs Behind HQ Trivia’s Success

Live trivia game is without question the first hit in 2018 China. Since the beginning of this January, quite a few players have flocked to it, those with deep pockets of course.

The games actually took a page from their U.S. counterpart HQ Trivia, which was launched with a runaway success last year.

Niv Dror, who worked at live-streaming pioneer Meerkat, published a great post going through all the details to explain the WHYs/HOWs behind HQ Trivia’s success.

How successful is HQ Trivia? Well, just to give you a clue, here’s an excerpt from Niv Dror’s post:

HQ has only been out for 3 months, and it’s already beating Zuckerberg’s inaugural Facebook Live for concurrent viewer numbers.

and a chart by Jay Kapoor:

Enough for the teasers.

I suggest you dive right into Niv’s dissection, and tell us what you think (comment below):

  1. What do you see in this live trivia game frenzy?
  2. Have you noticed any entrepreneurs jumped into this game in your country?
  3. What other games that are a hit on TV and might have a chance to succeed on smartphones? Give it a thought. This might be the next big thing. 🙂

Last but not least, I’m curious about what great reading you guys came across today. And I’m launching a WhatsApp Group specifically for sharing and discussing. Click on it and join us now!

Jason Zheng
Jason Zheng
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