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5 mind-boggling Jack Ma quotes

The charismatic face of Alibaba has both inspired and baffled audiences with his many sayings.

Now that he’s stepped down as chairman of the e-commerce giant, let’s take a look back at 5 of the more mind-boggling Jack Ma quotes in this brand new video from Kr-Asia’s YouTube channel.

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5. “My biggest mistake was I made Alibaba”

“I was just trying to do a small business it grow that big, take that much responsibility and got in so much trouble. Every day is as busy as a President and I don’t have any power and then I don’t have my life.”

4. “I hope in my next life I can be a woman..”

“..and raise a bunch of kids. I think this is a good feeling. It’s also touching that my female friends tell me this is a good idea, that I should do it.”

3. “Humans can never create another animal that is smarter than humans..”

“..especially when you have so many smart people, it’s impossible to make another smart people.”

Elon Musk: “I very much disagree with that.”

2. “In life, we must 669”

“What is 669? Sex for six days a week, six times and most importantly, [crowd chants: Jiu (meaning long-lasting)]”

1. “I always believe that customers are #1, employees are #2, and shareholders #3”

“It’s the customers that pay us the money, it’s the employees that drive the innovation. I remember the day before the IPO and a lot of people say ‘Jack, I keep the shares. We were long-term shareholders.’ but when the crisis came, these guys they ran away. My people stayed and customers stayed.”


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