Monday, 2024 May 27

Xiaomi says it isn’t throwing shade at Huawei with Mi 10 Pro

Xiaomi is launching its flagship Mi 10 Pro smartphone internationally this week, and some reviewers have already gotten their hands on a testing unit. While many were excited to unbox the 5G-enabled device, some couldn’t help but notice an interesting tagline on the packaging: “With easy access to the Google apps you use most.”

Some people have taken that as an attempt by Xiaomi to troll Huawei, the rival smartphone company that’s been denied access to Google services since it was blacklisted by the Trump administration last year. Without Google apps such as YouTube and Google Maps pre-installed on its new phones, Huawei’s sales have taken a hit overseas. Xiaomi and other best-selling Chinese phone brands such as Oppo, however, still sell phones with Google Mobile Services.

But Xiaomi says it isn’t trying to throw shade at Huawei. The company clarified on Weibo that the line in question was part of a promotional request by its partner (presumably Google), akin to the “Powered by Android” logo you see on the boot screen of Android phones. Xiaomi said it’s the first hardware maker to launch a product under the new agreement. Google wasn’t immediately available for comment.

This article first appeared on Abacus News.


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