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Which are the best logistics startups in Southeast Asia?

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We live in a world where just about anything is accessible from our smartphones. From ordering drivers to pick us up to ordering food from our favorite restaurants delivered to our door. This technology is used in our personal lives on a nearly day-by-day basis. This can be applied to business and startup sectors as well. The business world is learning to combine various aspects of technology, shipping, and logistic needs by connecting businesses to customers and providers in the most effective way possible. Investors have noticed this trend as well, and are applying their resources to these innovative logistics startups. Here are some of the best examples operating in Southeast Asia right now.


Anchanto is an eCommerce logistics and online selling platform based in Singapore and has been in the industry since 2011. Describing themselves as a technology company, Anchanto has built their eCommerce logistics warehouse management system and other eCommerce technology products to help them expand throughout Asia and Europe with clients ranging from ASOS and Levi’s to Asian powerhouses like Lazada, Zalora, FlipKart and more.


With over 33.7 million shipping containers passing through every year, Singapore has become one of the busiest ports in the world. With this potential logistics nightmare, Haulio has stepped in to offer quick and convenient transportation through it’s “centralized collaborative B2B platform.” Coming out of the Haulage industry, this startup combines scheduling algorithms, around the clock support, and easy communication between consumer and provider to facilitate effective container transportation. Investors clearly see the value in this, as Haulio has managed to raise over US$747,000 this year. They are hoping to use that to expand to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand in the near future.

Ninja Van

Based in the Philippines but also operating in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand, Ninja Van aims to “take the hassle out of your parcel.” Designed to help businesses streamline their deliveries, users can easily automate their services, making it simple, reliable, and flexible. Ninja Van connects businesses to delivery drivers through their seamless interface, providing real-time tracking and competitive pricing. Businesses can handle their logistics needs with ease and extra perks like, return shipping or payment through cash on delivery or through the app. An added bonus, users don’t have to worry about picking up packages at a specific time because Ninja Van uses parcel boxes, where customers can retrieve their package from a nearby unit using a code.

Fetch Me

Only operating since last year, Fetch Me, based in Singapore, makes getting anything delivered from anywhere from users’ smartphone possible. For both business and personal use, deliveries can be scheduled and automated or last minute, with service all hours of the day, every day of the week. It’s great for businesses who need something delivered to a client or supplies sent to the office. Fetch Me connects buyers to “fetchers” or couriers, who use their desired mode of transportation to retrieve and deliver packages. You can track shipping and you set your own delivery price. This startup is changing the world of assistants and couriers throughout Singapore.


Due to the sheer density in the population of many Southeast Asian cities, companies need to get creative with storage options. In Hong Kong, skyscrapers belonging to Boxful, a unique storage solution, can be seen throughout the city for this very reason. As with these other logistics startups, Boxful can be summoned by the touch of a button via smartphone. They supply all the necessities, from start to finish whether storage needs are as small as a few boxes, to as large as an entire locker space. They pack whatever you need to store and bring it to their facility, then deliver it back to you at your request.

As we continue to apply numerous aspects of technology, especially regarding apps and smartphones, we can streamline just about any aspect of business to make it more efficient. Southeast Asia, specifically, is leading the world in this area, as it quickly rises to be the fourth largest economic zone and needs viable solutions to its ever-expanding business logistics.

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