Wednesday, 2024 June 19

WeChat updates revenue split for Mini Programs and Official Accounts

WeChat has revised its advertising revenue share policy for developers and publishers on its platform, giving its partners a better chance to earn.

Developers of “creative games” that bring in less than RMB 2 million a day in ad revenue will get to keep 70% daily ad revenue, and 50% if they make more than RMB 2 million in single-day ad revenue. Developers of “ordinary” mini-programs and games will retain 50% of ad revenue.

Meanwhile, publishers of Official Accounts can keep 70% of an article’s single-day ad revenue, regardless of how much daily ad revenue they generate, with no upper limit.

Previously, WeChat offered a 50:50 revenue split for Mini Programs with single-day ad revenue below RMB 1 million, and 30% for those above this bracket. When asked for comment, the company didn’t reveal the previous revenue split for Official Accounts.

This new revenue share policy is active as of June 1st, 2019.


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