Wednesday, 2024 April 24

Vietnamese telecom officially launches new ride-hailing and e-commerce platforms

Viettel Post, which is a subsidiary of Vietnamese top telecom and IT services provider Viettel, officially launches its ride-hailing app MyGo and e-commerce platform Vo So today to compete in two highly contested segments of Vietnam’s digital economy. The two platforms were both launched on July 1 to celebrate Viettel’s 20th anniversary.

Speaking at the launch event as reported by local media, Tran Trung Hung, Viettel Post’s CEO, said that both platforms will benefit from and complement the firm’s existing core delivery business.

Unlike other e-hailing platforms that are usually rolled out first in Vietnam’s biggest cities, MyGo will start serving customers immediately in 63 cities and provinces throughout Vietnam.

MyGo will face fierce competition from existing players in the market, most notably regional player Grab and Go-Viet, the Vietnamese entity of Indonesia’s Go-Jek, alongside domestic players FastGo and Be. However, MyGo has the advantage of an existing extensive network of delivery personnel that Viettel Post has throughout the country. Viettel Post claims it already registered 105,000 drivers, including motorbikes, cars, and trucks. Grab and Go-Jek don’t usually release the sizes of their fleets in individual countries. Grab recently claimed to have 2.8 million drivers in its network overall.

In addition to traditional passenger and delivery services, MyGo will offer services that include one pick-up point for multiple deliveries and multiple pick-up points for deliveries, and delivery by truck. For now, MyGo drivers will also be provided free 3G, 4G Internet connection. is similar to other existing e-commerce platforms but aims to focus on supporting farmers to sell their products online. The platform will also be strengthened by Viettel Post’s ecosystem that now includes both ride-hailing, delivery, and postal businesses.


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