Monday, 2024 April 15

Video surveillance firms Hikvision and Dahua to be added to US blacklist, says Bloomberg

The US government is expanding its Chinese tech company hit list, apparently considering cutting off vital American supplies to as many as five Chinese surveillance firms Bloomberg reports.

Video surveillance industry leader Hikvision and Dahua, along with three other unnamed Chinese companies are said to be next in line for blacklisting, which could bar them from buying US components or software, said unnamed sources cited in the story.

“We hope the company receives a fair and just treatment,” Hikvision’s secretary of the board, Huang Fanghong, said in a post on her WeChat Moments. Hikvision had hired US professionals to conduct an independent review on its business, Huang said.

Hikvision, which was set up in Hangzhou 2001, is the world’s largest video surveillance equipment vendor, dominating the global market with a 21.4% share in 2017. Hikvision and Dahua, the two largest video surveillance market players in China, accounted for over 50% of the domestic market, according to IHS Markit.

The potential move of blacklisting Chinese surveillance camera makers comes after recent US government actions against Chinese tech giants Huawei and DJI.


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