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The Future of Fintech—industry leaders in Southeast Asia and China care to share

Our goal has always been to promote avenues for co-operation across the technology and entrepreneurship ecosystems of Southeast Asia and China. In view of this, KrASIA, together with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), jointly organized the Singapore x Asia Innovation Partnership Forum 2020, a three-part series spanning the smart city, fintech, and deep-tech industries. The forum pulls together industry leaders to share their experiences in working together across the region and offer insight on opportunities and challenges ahead.

The forum got off on a rousing start with its first installment on September 3. The summit focused on the Smart Cities, with speakers sharing their candid opinions on subsectors such as smart transportation, smart community-building, and smart manufacturing. A quick event recap can be found here.

The second installment of our Forum focuses on the Fintech industry and will be held on September 3 from 2:00 – 4:40 pm. The keynote address will be delivered by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

“Chinese companies frequently expand internationally only when they are behemoths in their home markets. Therefore, these Chinese companies are not your typical Series A or B Southeast Asia startups,” says Goh Yiping, Partner of Quest Ventures. “Financial transactions underpin the digital economy and fintech solutions that work on such transparency and friction are interesting to us. Southeast Asia is the world’s fastest-growing region, with the largest emerging middle class and youth population, and the potential to create game-changing international champions is here.”

Aside from Quest Ventures, fellow industry leaders such as Tencent, SEA Group, Grab, and Qiming Venture Partners will also be sharing their experiences working together across regions, with the promise of compelling first-hand insights on opportunities ahead.

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