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Tencent Meeting unveils custom solutions for hardware partners at InfoComm China 2021

Tencent partnered with more than 30 hardware companies at InfoComm China 2021 to showcase various use cases for its cloud video conferencing service. The company’s video conference vertical, Tencent Meeting, released customized solutions for hardware providers like Logitech, Maxhub, Newline, and Yealink.

Video conferencing has developed rapidly in the wake of the pandemic, and Tencent Meeting quickly became one of the most popular platforms among China’s enterprise customers. In addition to its cloud-based video call services, the platform has added functions like wireless projection, collaborative whiteboards, and centralized backend management.

Going forward, Tencent Meeting aims to hone its core competencies in communication software solutions, while forming partnerships with many mature, established hardware companies, said Wu Zurong, vice president at Tencent Cloud and head of Tencent Meeting. To make its technology more attractive to hardware partners, Tencent Meeting has an open API to allow flexibility for different end users in areas like education or healthcare. So far, its API has been accessed by more than 10,000 companies and 300 universities.

China’s video conferencing market will be worth RMB 10 billion (USD 1.54 billion) by 2024, with cloud-based services accounting for nearly 40%, according to data from IDC.

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