Sunday, 2024 April 14

Tencent launches Google Docs-Like tool to rival Alibaba and Toutiao in enterprise services

Tencent, long known as a tech giant with social and gaming products that distract people’s attention and focus on work, is reportedly making another attempt at enterprise market by launching an online document service that is similar to Google Docs. The new attempt, dubbed Tencent Docs, was highly praised by the company’s chairman and founder Pony Ma, who is reputable for his product manager instinct. Ma called the service an unexpected and surprising gift.

Tencent might dominate consumer instant messaging market, yet Alibaba’s Dingtalk still managed to outflank Tencent by cutting into the enterprise instant messaging sector. Tencent previously launched RTX and TIM, both dedicated to the sector and TIM is competing directly with DingTalk.

Chinese new aggregator Jinri Toutiao also invested into, another popular local counterpart of Google Docs in addition to a calendar app to tap into the business sector as the company’s news and short video services are under heaps and heaps of pressure on content regulation from the Chinese regulatory bodies.

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