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Tencent allies with Razer to set up cloud gaming standards, cooperating on hardware and software

Tencent Cloud, the cloud computing unit of the world’s largest gaming company Tencent, said in a press release on Thursday that it will team up with Razer, a Hong Kong-listed gaming hardware manufacturer to build standards for the cloud gaming sector.

Cloud gaming allows users to play a game with the game and user data stored remotely, sparing them the time and storage space needed to download and install a game to their computer or a mobile phone.

Tencent opened its cloud gaming platform “START” for public testing in March. It has launched the platform at this year’s gaming convention ChinaJoy held earlier this month and has targeted Southeast Asian countries, rather than its home country, as the initial markets for launching its cloud gaming services, according to the South China Morning Post’s Abacus News.

Tencent and Razer will roll out hardware suitable for Tencent’s cloud gaming solutions by the end of 2019 and will integrate Razer’s software with Tencent’s cloud gaming titles to provide a more interactive experience, according to the press release.

Tencent said that there would be 124.7 million cloud gaming users by 2022, citing data of research firm Newzoo.

Razer, which claims it has a fan base that spans every continent, said in the press release that it will also help Tencent Cloud expand overseas.

Jingli Song
Jingli Song
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