Sunday, 2024 April 14

Telecom fraudsters in China face getting locked out of internet for up to 5 years

Local telecoms authority in China’s Fujian province have issued a guideline that detail plans to limit internet access for people involved in telecom fraud. It’s evidently upping the ante in its fight against the proliferation of the telecom and internet-based crime.

The Fujian Communications Administration, the local telecoms watchdog, will set up a database of people who have been reported by the public security ministry and the industrial and information ministry for being involved in crimes including telecom fraud, credit card fraud, infringement of personal information, and money laundering.

Perpetrators reported by the public security ministry could be stripped of their internet access for up to five years and those reported by the industrial and information ministry could be locked out of internet for one year.

People blacklisted in the database will still be able to keep one mobile or landline number within the time of punishment. They will regain access to full telecoms services after the punishment period ends.

The draconian policy is part of an ongoing effort aimed at eradicating telecom fraud. Local police in Anxi county, Fujian, reportedly wowed to tear down houses built with telecom fraud money and restrict telecom fraud suspects’ access to healthcare insurance and government benefits.

In 2016, Fujian police arrested 779 telecom fraud suspects in a 100-day crackdown.


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