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[REVEALED] Here’s a look at the offices of Internet big shots in China

Offices of these entrepreneurs closely reflect their personality and character. Let’s find out how their work desks look like!

Lei Jun, XiaoMi

Lei Jun, founder and CEO of Xiaomi, has a rectangular office layout with his desk on the left and a long conference table on the right because Lei Jun conducts frequent meetings within his own office. It is reported that Xiaomi will move to a new office building this September, designed by Li Wanqiang, co-founder of Xiaomi.


Wang Xing, Meituan

Wang Xing, known as “耿直 boy” (pronounced as geng zhi boy) (meaning honest and frank person),  does not even have his own office. The picture shows his desk in the early years. One word sums it up: chaos. Even now, at Meituan’s HQ, he still sits in the large open plan space with his employees. A typical technophile, with three computers crammed into his small office area. He regarded as a talented and diligent leader and he eats at his desk.

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Wang Jianlin, Wanda

Chinese business magnate, investor, and philanthropist and founder of multinational conglomerate and property developer Dalian Wanda Group, Wang Jianlin has a huge office decorated with marble walls, mahogany furniture, leather sofas, and a striking painting on the wall behind his personal desk. This painting is one of Shi Qi’s renowned “Shan-Shui” (literally “mountain-water”), depicting Chinese landscape. This painting is valued at around 20 million yuan (US$2.8m).

Liu ChuanZhi, Lenovo

Founder of Chinese multinational technology company Lenovo Liu Chuanzhi’s office is bright and seems little rustic in style, but every object is neatly placed, with a few potted plants carefully arranged. His table is scattered with documents and pens, implying a more traditional working habit.

Richard Liu,

This is JD‘s Richard Liu’s office located near the China National Convention Center. The office is large, radiating vibes of a “tuhao” 土豪 (meaning nouveau riche). One prominent furniture is his “fortune trees” (发财树Facai Shu). On Liu’s desk, there’s a humorous sign saying “English Only”.

Zhou Hongyi, Qihoo 360

Leading Chinese Internet security company Qihoo 360’s Zhou Hongyi has an office that is more like a home or an office suite. Other than the usual work desk, there is a living room with a sofa and a coffee table. Further in is a room stacked with expensive audio equipment. Behind the room is his bedroom full of vinyl records and books. You can also find a set of calligraphy brushes. Very artistic indeed!

MingZhu Dong, Gree Electric

World’s largest residential air-conditional manufacturer Gree Electric chairwoman Dong Mingzhu is often known as China’s “Iron Lady”. But she presented her feminine side with many personal portraits and photos in her office. She also decorates her office with her awards and books.


Yao Jinbo,


Yao Jinbo of online marketplace appears to be slightly calmer and more restrained. His office has less vibrant colours, occupied by wooden furniture, freshly-laundered white cushions and a table with his items arranged neatly. He keeps a collection of carbonated drinks and soda in his office.


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