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Deals | Recruitment Startup MoSeeker Leverages Social Networking to Improve Employee Referral

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1. How can employers benefit from integrating the recruitment process in social platforms?

2. What is the business model of a recruitment SaaS which leverages social networking?

Writer: Xu Ning

MoSeeker (仟寻), the social recruitment company, announced the closure of its $15 million series B financing. Since its establishment in late 2014, MoSeeker has closed three rounds of financing and raised a total of some 150 million yuan (around $22.98 million).

WeChat-based recruitment SaaS:

MoSeeker is a WeChat-based SaaS recruitment system. 

Wang Xiangdao, MoSeeker CEO, said that in large companies such as Tencent and Alibaba, half of their talents are recruited through employee referral. Social channel is a major contributor to their employee referral.

Leveraging social networking, WeChat-based recruitment brings multiple benefits: the mobile terminal can capture information anytime, anywhere. The trusty environment of the social platform and the dynamic rich media make it easier for candidates to spot the right position and team.

Rich media in social communication:

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MoSeeker works like this: the company registers its recruitment public account on WeChat and connects it to MoSeeker.

Recruitment information sent to the background of MoSeeker will be shown on the public account.

Company staff can forward the information to their WeChat Moments and external users can follow the account and submit their resume.

MoSeeker system records all the data of the company and the user, including messages posted, communication process, applications and the entry of new employees.

Companies can also integrate the system with their ATS (applicant tracking system or recruitment system).

MoSeeker supports videos, pictures, team stories and other contents to enrich the job description.

According to Wang, MoSeeker CEO, a candidate usually has the only 19-second patience for a job description, with a focus on the job title. Now, with rich media presenting career stories, team members, and responsibilities, candidates can stay for 2’45’’ on average.

Payment mode & team:

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It is learnt that “MoSeeker” has over 10,000 customers now, including NetEase,, Ctrip, Qihoo 360, Xiaomi, Mobike, Ofo, and Bayer.

The company provides free services and paid services, which include a 50,000-yuan (around $7660) package and an 80,000-yuan (around $12256) package. So far, 500 to 600 companies have chosen its paid services.

Wang, MoSeeker founder & CEO, EMBA at CKGSB, used to study at CEIBS China Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp and Tencent’s Qingteng University. Prior to MoSeeker, he used to work for Baidu, IBM, Philips and other Fortune Global 500 enterprises, responsible for human resource management and marketing.

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