Sunday, 2024 April 21

Oppo expected to release first commercial 5G smartphone in Vietnam in 2020

Oppo is expected to release its first commercial 5G smartphone in Vietnam as early as 2020, according to local media reports. The new device is expected to use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 5G modular platform and will be priced in the mid-range for broader consumer accessibility.

In May, Oppo announced the sale of its first commercial 5G smartphone in Europe, in partnership with Swisscom of Switzerland. In Vietnam, Oppo also tested its Reno 5G phone in cooperation with Vietnam’s telecom giant Viettel and the Ericsson Group.

Oppo maintains a strong market share in Vietnam, at 25.4%, trailing after only Samsung, local media reported, citing statistics released by market research firm Gfk in July.

Vietnam wants to be the first country in Southeast Asia to launch a 5G network. Stakeholders are aiming to do this in 2020 despite concerns about inadequate infrastructure as well as the ability of both enterprises and consumers to tap the full potential of 5G.


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