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Magnify China 2021: Get the latest insights into China’s sharpest innovations

The pandemic, shifting regulations, and evolving consumer practices—China has witnessed incredible change in the past 18 months. As observers, we’ve seen Chinese brands go global, like with the rise of Shein and Anker Innovation’s IPO, while Chinese authorities are still clamping down on big tech and shaping rules for data privacy. We’ve also noticed global MNCs and Chinese companies gradually warming up to each other through various corporate innovation mechanisms.

Magnify China 2021’s two-day event will cover the effects of these changes on the Chinese landscape: How does it all fit together? And what opportunities lie ahead?

Check out the full agenda and save your seat!

We will dive deep to unpack:

  • Successful corporate innovation in China, with case studies covering Unilever, Daimler, and Intel.
  • How leading technologies in AI, EVs and AVs, fintech, and agritech are driving growth across key sectors like healthcare, mobility, and digital currencies.
  • Conversations with Chinese startups around the growing cross-border business—insights into their experience, thoughts on what Chinese companies have to offer the world, and projections in e-commerce, enterprise services, and fintech.
  • China’s new era of domestic consumption and how local brands are proving themselves on home ground.

Here is the full speaker lineup for Magnify China 2021:


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