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Luckin Coffee and Kweichow Maotai unveil chocolate-flavored latte for Lunar New Year

Luckin Coffee, China’s largest coffee chain, is partnering with Kweichow Maotai this Lunar New Year to unveil a new limited-edition chocolate-flavored Maotai latte.

Launched on January 22, each cup of this new beverage contains Maotai, a spirit with 53% alcohol content. However, it has been formulated to be safe for all consumers with less than 0.5% overall alcohol content. The chocolate-infused Maotai latte is served over ice, priced at RMB 38 per cup, and presented in packaging adorned with a dragon, symbolizing good fortune in 2024—the Year of the Dragon.

In conjunction with the product launch, both companies are running promotional campaigns. Kweichow Maotai has outlined details of a lucky draw on its Weibo, offering consumers the chance to win various prizes with each purchase of the limited-edition drink. Meanwhile, from January 22 to February 18, Luckin Coffee is distributing 100,000 complimentary drinks and retailing exclusive merchandise, including hand-drip coffee sets and tumblers.

Luckin Coffee has partnered with Chinese artist Han Meilin, who designed the packaging for the new beverage and complementary merchandise. Image of a Luckin paper bag featuring Han’s design alongside the newly launched Maotai latte. Image and header image source: Luckin Coffee via Weibo.

The concept of the Maotai latte builds upon the successful collaboration between Dove, a brand under American confectionery maker Mars, and Kweichow Maotai. In September last year, the two entities partnered to introduce a range of alcohol-infused chocolates, aligning with Kweichow Maotai’s strategy to enhance its brand image and appeal to a younger demographic.

Promotional GIF of the new chocolate-flavored Maotai latte jointly launched by Luckin Coffee and Kweichow Maotai. Graphic source: Luckin Coffee via Weibo.

This also marks the second collaboration between Luckin and Kweichow Maotai, following a highly successful venture in September 2023. Coinciding with Kweichow Maotai’s collaboration with Dove, Luckin introduced an alcohol-infused “sauce-flavored latte” developed in partnership with Kweichow Maotai.

The sauce-flavored latte emerged as one of Luckin’s primary revenue generators in the past year, gaining widespread popularity among domestic consumers. The product achieved significant daily sales, surpassing 5.4 million cups at its peak.

Inspired by this success, other coffee chains also embraced the trend, launching their own iterations of alcohol-infused beverages.

For instance, Manner Coffee collaborated with Jim Beam to create a new product series fusing coffee with whiskey and lemon. Similarly, Peet’s Coffee partnered with Hope & Sesame to blend classic liquors such as Benedictine, Moonshine, and rose vodka with coffee, resulting in inventive concoctions like a cocoa espresso martini.

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