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Top 5 leadership thoughts | Oasis June features

Every month, the Oasis team taps into a pool of highly regarded thought leaders around Asia to hear what they’re working on and the lessons they’ve learned. Here are five great reads from June.

Yoon Young Kim, cluster president at Schneider Electric, on his best business advice and sustainable investments as a long-term game

Yoon Young Kim is the cluster president of Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei at Schneider Electric. Photo courtesy of Schneider Electric.

“There is no free lunch in the world, especially if you want to be sustainable. You have to invest, and cannot wait for things to appear magically,” says Yoon Young Kim, cluster president of Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei at Schneider Electric.

Kim shares unique takeaways on impact investing from his 20 years in the energy industry. He also reflects on some of the most memorable moments as a leader.

Sunita Kaur, senior vice president at Twitch, on building her own board of directors and why ‘speaking up’ is not a true marker of leadership

Sunita Kaur Twitch
Sunita Kaur is the senior vice president of APAC at Twitch. Photo courtesy of Twitch.

Let’s face it—leadership is a tough job. It’s imperative to know who is in our court when things go south. These are people who we trust and give permission to hold us accountable beyond the workplace. Sunita Kaur, senior vice president of APAC at Twitch, likes to call these people our personal “board of directors.”

Having been in leadership roles with various tech giants such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Spotify, Sunita reflects on her experience and learnings from the tech space.

A journey of self-discovery shaped Alamanda Shantika into one of Indonesia’s tech stars

Alamanda Shantika is the founder of Binar Academy, an educational program related to information technology. Photo courtesy of Shantika.

Alamanda Shantika, the founder of Binar Academy, always had a passion for the sciences, falling in love with coding in her teenage years. Her passion gave her a headstart in being financially independent when life got tough. Shantika was part of the pioneer team at Gojek, where she led the product team and built 14 new products during her two-year tenure.

In this interview, she shares her belief in humanizing roles when leading teams. She also reveals some memorable moments from her entrepreneurial journey.

Craig Dixon from Accelerating Asia discusses integrity in startup dealings and building blocks of effective social capital

Craig Dixon is the co-founder and general partner of Accelerating Asia. Photo courtesy of Accelerating Asia.

The idea of social capital is an interesting one. Call it the art of networking, or plain influence, we all need to know how to utilize it in some way. In this interview, we sat down with Craig Dixon, co-founder and general partner of Accelerating Asia, who shares with us the power of social capital.

Accelerating Asia provides innovation consulting for organizations looking to engage with startups. The firm also runs an international accelerator program and a VC fund for early-stage startups.

Million-dollar cereal brand founder on how to utilize the power of key opinion leaders in business

Yao Jing is one of the three co-founders of China’s cereal brand Wangbaobao. Photo courtesy of Yao Jing.

Is it easier to launch a consumer product leveraging key opinion leaders (KOLs) rather than starting from scratch?

Yao Jing took her experience managing social media KOL accounts to launch a Chinese cereal brand. In this interview, she shares her experience about overcoming challenges when competing against foreign brands when launching a product catered to Chinese consumers.

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