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KEY STAT | Drone manufacturer DJI ventures into auto sector, keeps product under wraps

DJI is set to release a new auto-related product during the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition next week, local news media Yicai reported on Tuesday. In the launch poster, a silhouette of an automobile appears below the brand name DJI Chezai, which can roughly be translated as “DJI vehicle-mounted,” keeping the mystery alive.

Behind the effort is DJI Zhuojian Technology, a wholly owned unit that was created in 2018 and now employs 700 people. The report says that car-related R&D activities started five years ago.

“DJI is not going to manufacture vehicles,” said tech expert Zhang Peng on Geekpark, the community forum he founded. “It will provide auto companies with autonomous driving solutions.”

DJI is the world’s biggest drone manufacturer with 70% to 80% of market share, according to The company triggered security concerns in the US last year, facing the possibility of an all-out ban. In August, the US International Trade Commission decided not to issue an injunction against DJI after concluding its investigation.

Several Chinese tech companies recently joined the car-making frenzy. Baidu and Xiaomi announced that they will produce electric vehicles, while ride-hailing firm Didi will work with BYD to develop driverless taxis.

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Julianna Wu
Julianna Wu
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