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KEY STAT | Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi prepares 2021 Hong Kong IPO

Didi Chuxing, the biggest ride-hailing platform in China with a total of 550 million users at the end of June, is reportedly in talks with investment banks to file for a multibillion-dollar IPO in Hong Kong in the first half of 2021, according to Reuters citing anonymous sources.

Backed by internet giants like Tencent (HKG: 0700), Alibaba (NYSE: BABAHKEX: 9988), and well-known venture capitals such as SoftBank and Sequoia, Didi is looking for a valuation of USD 60 billion when launching the IPO, the same report said.

Didi responded that it does not have a definitive IPO plan and that it won’t comment on market speculation when asked by KrASIA.

Earlier this month, Beijing-based carpooling and taxi-hailing service provider Dida filed for a public offering on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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Julianna Wu
Julianna Wu
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