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Jakarta-based Gorry raises new round from Singapore PE in latest sign of local healthcare tech burgeoning

Jakarta-based e-wellness startup Gorry Holdings recently raised a fresh round from Singapore PE firm Heritas Capital Management in the latest sign of the burgeoning of the local healthcare tech sector in Indonesia.

The fresh funding will be used to develop new services and speed up its expansion across Indonesia.

Claiming to be a health tech company, Gorry Holdings uses the concept of health data management to give tailored recommendations to its users, helping them manage their diet and exercises based on health data collected from them.

Big data remodelling healthcare

The startup runs two platforms that aim to help Indonesians live healthier through technology, including GorryWell, and Gorry Gourmet.

GorryWell focuses on being a one-stop digital wellness platform that offers health advice and recommendations based on user’s health biometrics. This advice and recommendations include food journal and recommendation, calorie intake and deficit tracker, activity tracker, as well as daily activity challenge. On the other hand, Gorry Gourmet offers healthy food subscription with nutritionist-approved meals. Throughout the years, GorryGourmet has managed to deliver more than 2.5 million meals to over 15.000 loyal customers across Jakarta. All meals are carefully developed and cooked to suit a wide range of needs: from weight loss, muscle gain, to pregnancy and special needs.

“Gorry Holdings has been actively developing strategic partnerships with various stakeholders, such as with the government, clinics, hospitals, school, insurance companies and corporations. One of our agendas is to create solid wellness community. To date, we have over one hundred thousand community members. We are also the official partner of Indonesia’s Ministry of Health (MOH) in supporting President Jokowi’s National Health Campaign initiative,” William Susilo, the Chairman of Gorry Holdings told KrASIA in an interview.

Since the startup invested heavily on analytics, machine learning, and big data capabilities, Gorry Holdings guaranteed the confidentiality of data stored in users’ account. “Data for each user is stored safely and we won’t use it for purposes other than the use of applications, let alone for trading. We have ethical standards in data management so our users don’t need to worry about that. Our main focus is how each individual’s medical history can be utilised to prevent potential chronic diseases in the future using advanced technology,” William continued.

Government push

With the help of the latest funding, Gorry Holdings is also introducing three new programmes for next year, namely Student Wellness Programme, Employee Wellness Programme, and GorryWell League. These programmes are designed carefully to be in line with the local government’s goals in increasing awareness of good quality nutrition among society.

As the name suggests, the Student Wellness Programme specifically targets students, parents, and educators through educational extracurricular activities to introduce healthy eating habits for the kids. The service not only engages students but also provides child nutrition education for parents.

The Employee Wellness Programme and GorryWell League for professionals offer holistic health programmes for executives, management, as well as staff.

Heritas Capital Management’s investment in Gorry Holdings also shows the firm’s dedication to supporting the healthcare industry. The PE firm is known to have led the pre-Series A funding of Singapore-based food tech solutions company Alchemy Food Tech.

In Indonesia, health tech is developing quite well over the past few years. The rising of big health tech startups like Halodoc, Alodokter, or PesanLab showcases the big potential of this sector to grow. Indonesia’s Minister of Information and Communication Rudiantara once said that health tech sector has a good prospect to be the next unicorn farm in Indonesia and the government will give their support by allocating 5% of state budget to back health care that is including tech-based health services.

Together with Indonesia’s Ministry of Health, GorryWell and the ministry will validate the restaurant menu and provide “HealthyChoice” label for restaurants that meet the established health standards as part of the National Health Campaign initiative.

(We updated the fifth paragraph as it was previously included Helopt as part of Garry Holdings. The company only owns two subsidiaries (GorryWell and Gorry Gourmet) today as Helopt is now managed separately.)

Editor: Ben Jiang

Khamila Mulia
Khamila Mulia
Khamila Mulia is a seasoned tech journalist of KrASIA based in Indonesia, covering the vibrant innovation ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

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