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Israel’s Eloops to integrate platform into Microsoft Teams app

Microsoft has tapped Israeli startup Eloops, a SaaS employee engagement provider, to integrate its tool into the Microsoft Teams platform, Eloops said earlier this month.

The Israeli startup will provide Microsoft employees and users with a variety of games, quizzes surveys, content, and additional positive communication channels that can be customized based on company culture and need.

Founded in 2017, the Tel Aviv-based company has developed a platform that provides human resource leaders with gamification tools combined with a rich marketplace of pre-made content templates and virtual activities.

“Integrating with Microsoft Teams was a natural and seamless way for employees to leverage our platform, making it easier than ever for managers to successfully improve remote and in-office company culture worldwide,” said Idan Shem-Tov, Eloops co-founder and CEO. “Now more than ever, employees want to get recognized, connect, share, learn, and be an integral part of their company’s culture. Eloops is here to help.”

Eloops is now available through the Teams app marketplace. Employees will be able to use different features without downloading additional apps. Additionally, employees can recognize their colleagues with peer-to-peer coins, which can be redeemed in the company virtual store. Sample prizes include a virtual meeting with the CEO, paid time off, gift cards, or any type of company perk.

“Microsoft Teams and Eloops share a commitment to improve employee engagement,” said Mike Ammerlaan, director of Microsoft 365 Ecosystem. “Eloops has been able to gamify the employee experience, making it easy and fun to stay connected. We are pleased to see companies such as Eloops add value by integrating their solution with Teams.”

This article first appeared in NoCamels, which covers innovations from Israel for a global audience.


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