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Happy job hunting! WonderCV helps to land your dream job with its smart tool

Writer: Meng Xiaobai

The statistics has it that the recruiters spend as little as 6 seconds scanning each resume. Therefore, instead of waiting for the recruiters to spot you from a pile of resumes, why not trim your resume to the maximum impact? It’s just a little bit extra effort for your dream job anyway.

Currently, many job seekers write their resumes using Microsoft Word, which is oftentimes a time-intensive process that involves constant reorganizing, adjusting length and rewording, let alone the fact that they still have to seek professional advice afterwards.

No wonder there’re a roster of innovations attempted on resumes on the market. Well, in fact, they are not quite that innovative, because most of them are just refined templates tailored to different posts. Plus, the templates all come at a price.

A while ago, two ex-Googlers launched an AI-powered platform which looks to make the job hunting process smarter. Microsoft kept up later with its Resume Assistant in Word, which feeds job seekers with suitable job openings and helps them craft compelling resumes with personalized insights powered by LinkedIn and vast information online.

A good resume helps you stand out. Photo by Paul Dufour on Unsplash

WonderCV (超级简历)  is also set to revolutionize job hunting with its professional built-in tips and eliminate the time-consuming editing process. With WonderCV, the job seekers can polish their resumes in the process, thus freeing them from the excessive editing process. Here are what WonderCV do to make your resume stand out.

For starters, it saves the users the trouble of locating the ideal format by organizing the filled contents automatically. After that, the system will run an instant evaluation and pop up some practical tips for rewording and more.

WonderCV currently offers 4 categories of templates intended respectively for internship application, job application, seeking consulting services from investment banks and application for studying overseas. Each template is tailored to meet specific requirements and comes with built-in cases for users’ reference.

WonderCV Beta was released this March and the official version was launched later in June. It has managed to amass an impressive 100,000+ users only through word-of-mouth. Most of its followers are fresh graduates from universities covered by project 211 and 985 as well as prestigious overseas universities.

The templates offered by WonderCV are free. It earns a profit mainly by charging consulting and subscription fees. Its consulting services target predominantly users who need customized career plans, while the subscription fees (12 yuan each month) are designed for users who make resumes on a regular basis.

It might appear that the resume market is the wrong place to dig for fat profit. But don’t get carried away by the superficiality. Its huge potential actually resides in its capability to generate user traffic. Take Tofel EZJ (which helps students to snatch opening seats for Tofel test) for example, it is now the most popular English learning app that prepares students for upcoming Tofel tests and the like. To date, Tofel EZJ has snared over $1 million from BAI in its angel round and over $1 million from SIG in its series A financing round. It has, by now, racked up 50 million yuan (around $7.6 million) in investment.

More features, including customized tips for intended jobs and post recommendation, will be added to WonderCV in the future.

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