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Grab launches three wheeled “GrabBajay” service in Jakarta

Grab Indonesia officially launched a three-wheeled transportation service named GrabBajay today after the six-month trial period, local media outlet Merdeka reports.

Bajays are three-wheeled taxis that typically fit up to three passengers. This mode of transportation is available in various non-protocol roads in Jakarta and mainly serves as an alternative for short-distance rides.

The company believes that GrabBajay provides a unique, fast, safe, and comfortable travel experience for the community. Grab cooperates with the Jakarta government through the Transportation Agency and other related bodies to offer this service.

All GrabBajay’s vehicles use eco-friendly gas fuel and each of them has passed vehicle testing. Users can access GrabBajay by tapping the “GrabBike” icon on the main screen of the Grab application. However, the service is currently only available in five main locations across the Central Jakarta region.

In Myanmar, Grab already offers Bajaj-like tricycles, and in Thailand, the company has a traditional vehicle called TukTuk in its network. These alternatives complement Grab’s main transportation service, GrabCar and GrabBike.


Khamila Mulia
Khamila Mulia
Khamila Mulia is a seasoned tech journalist of KrASIA based in Indonesia, covering the vibrant innovation ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

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