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Exclusive | Meituan builds blue-collar jobs recruitment platform

Hong Kong-listed Chinese tech giant Meituan Dianping is developing a recruitment service with an aim to help Chinese small and medium-sized vendors on its platform recruit blue-collar workers, local media 36Kr reported.

As China’s largest online delivery and on-demand service provider, Meituan partners with a wide range of vendors ranging from restaurants, hostels, beauty parlors to recreation and fitness centers that are always challenged by recruitment difficulties.

The new recruitment platform, dubbed Mantou Zhipin, covers various industries its vendors involve in. Job-seekers will be able to check on listings on Meituan and Dianping apps, as well as on Mantou’s WeChat mini app.

A company insider confirmed the development of Mantou to 36Kr, adding that the platform is supposed to solve its vendors’ staffing challenges, as China’s blue-collar market is characterized by both its sheer volume and high turnover.

Meituan’s experimenting with a recruitment platform reinforces its latest commitment to vendor-related business as the company expects to diversify its revenue sources.

The company has come a long way, expanding its services from selling coupons and delivering foods for diners to building an all-in-one-kit system for merchants it works with.

Earlier this year, the market capitalizations of Meituan surpassed China’s search dominator Baidu and e-commerce retailer

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Wency Chen
Wency Chen
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