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Didi Chuxing opens its smart mobility platform to other companies

China’s largest ride-hailing platform Didi Chuxing launched a smart mobility platform called Qunyan (Wild Geese in English) through which it will export its artificial intelligence capabilities to governmental agencies, other companies, and research institutes, the company said on its official WeChat account on Thursday.

According to Didi’s CTO Zhang Bo, Wild Geese includes Didi’s “AI infrastructure platform, AI technologies, and mobility solutions”.

The platform, says Didi, has already gained 150 corporate clients and “desensitized data” from this platform has been provided to more than 660 universities and research institutes worldwide.

Didi will also export its natural language processing, image processing, spot sensing, and mapping technologies to companies in adjacent industries such as automobiles, logistics, finance, and IoT.

In addition, Didi, which operates in more than 1,000 cities across in five countries, will also make its various smart transportation solutions available to governments and companies in the mobility sector, which could possibly include other ride-hailing companies.

A Didi spokesperson gave KrAsia an example of a use case for this technology:

In more than 20 cities in China, Didi, along with local governments, has enabled traffic lights to turn red or green based on actual road conditions rather than on a fixed time period, a measure which can reduce congestion. Didi is trying to promote similar solutions to Mexico and Brazil, helping these countries with urban transportation management and smart city applications.

Qunyan is a tool for Didi to monetize its technological expertise at the government and enterprise level.

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