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Deals | Deal book: Medical 3D printing Arigin raises Series A; AI startup Deepblue raises 200m A+ round


Company: (课观教育)

Round: Angel, April 2018

Amount: RMB tens of millions

Investors: Cloud Angel Fund

Profile: is an online test prep service targeting the niche market of banking interviews prep. The Beijing-based company raised its RMB hundreds of thousands seed round in Jan. 2016.

The edutech company is looking at a RMB 50 million worth market, according to an investment associate from its backer Cloud Angel Fund. Every year in China, there’re around 500k applicants for bank jobs, and they are the potential customers for the test prep helper.



Company: Arigin Medical (昕健科技)

Round: Series A

Amount: RMB tens of millions

Investors: Delta Capital Venture, Proxima VC, Dingxin Capital

Profile: Founded in 2012, Arigin is a medical 3D printing startup with a focus on osteology. The Shanghai-based company claims over 90 patents in relevant field and has partnered with a long list of local hospitals.

A McKinsey research estimated that by 2025 3D printing industry would reach US$ 550 billion for which medical 3D printing would account 15%, or almost a market of 83 billion.



Company: DeepBlue Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (深蓝科技)

Round: A+

Amount: RMB 200M

Investors: China Capital Investment Group

Profile: DeepBlue is a world-leading retailing intelligence solutions provider that leverages on a wide range of AI-related technologies – from convolutional neural networks, computer visions to biometric indentification and payment – to help digitize and intelligentize traditional brick-and-mortar shops.

In additon to riding on the wave of China’s new retail transformation, the company also established its presence around the globe with products sold in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Japan, etc.



Company: Mholos (棱镜光娱)

Round: Pre-A

Amount: RMB 30M

Investors: REALIZE

Profile: Mholos is a startup that leverages on AR/VR/hologram technolgies to build a holographic music concert that enables virtual interactions between the audience and the performer.



Company: AIWAYS (爱驰亿维)

Round: A

Amount: RMB tens of billions

Investors: Shagang Group, Fuding Capital,

Profile: The latest entrant to China’s EV making indsutry, AIWAYS was founded in February 2017, and raised RMB 1.2 billion in its angel round. The Shanghai-based company is reportedly setting up a JV with bike-sharing startup Mobike to produce a smart EV in the future.



Company: (忆年)

Round: B

Amount: RMB tens of millions

Investors: Engage Capital, ChineseAll

Profile: Founded in 2015, YiNian (忆年) is a dedicated photo backup and sharing tool that also comes with a Path-like community to let users share their photos with close friends and family.



Company: NOME (诺米家居)

Round: Angel, Nov. 2017

Amount: RMB 230m

Investors: Capital Today

Profile: NOME is a China southern Guangzhou-based self-claimed lifestyle new retailer that characterized itself as 1) Swedish design; 2) China supply chain and 3) lifestyle brand.

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36Kr Global Contributors
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