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Cybersecurity provider XDR Sec gains new financing from Sequoia Capital China

Beijing-based cybersecurity startup XDR Sec completed a new financing round worth nearly RMB 100 million (USD 15.5 million), involving investors like Sequoia Capital China. The company launched its new XDR 2.0 platform during a press conference on July 22.

Founded in 2020, XDR Sec provides threat detection and response services to enterprise customers, as well as comprehensive network security solutions. The company’s name is derived from a new cybersecurity approach called extended detection and response (XDR), which unifies a range of existing security tools in one network to enhance the efficiency of cyber safety systems. Leading cybersecurity firms like Cisco and Palo Alto Networks have already released XDR products.

XDR technology can reduce the number of system breaches by 50 times, and increase operational efficiency by up to 800% while making intrusions more traceable, said XDC Sec’s CTO, Chen Yuduan. The company’s platform is flexible and adaptive to different clients’ needs, and its interoperability enables integration with existing IT architecture, reducing implementation costs by 44%, Chen said. So far, XDR Sec has supplied its cybersecurity solutions with customers like the State Grid Corporation of China and major telecom operators.

“Cybersecurity is an important sector in China and one we watch closely at Sequoia. XDR is a key element of the network security industry, and we believe XDR Sec can bring customers actual value through its innovative XDR products,” said Zhai Jia, managing director of Sequoia Capital China.

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