Wednesday, 2024 April 24

China has another news aggregator app to challenge Qutoutiao and Jinri Toutiao

Kuaishou, the company behind popular short-video sharing app Kwai, has recently launched an information aggregation app similar to Qutoutiao and Jinri Toutiao, 36Kr reports.

The new app, called Kuaikandian, which rewards users with virtual gold coins, has been available for Android phones since last month. Unnamed sources close to Kuaishou told 36Kr the company has set up a team of 20 people to work on the app.

Users of Kuaikandian can read articles and watch videos all in one app. It also features a dedicated section for videos from Kwai.

Kuaishou’s new app aims to attract users from low-tier cities and the rural areas, which also happens to be competitor Qutoutiao’s major user base. Qutoutiao had 12.7 million monthly active users in low-tier cities in March, according to research firm QuestMobile.


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