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Deals | China DealBook: Yunding360, Senmass and IRiS bank fresh funds

Big Data

Company:  Yunding360 (盯盯科技)

Round: strategic investment, May 2018

Amount: tens of millions of yuan

Investors:  Winner (上海汇纳信息科技)


Founded in July 2015, Yunding360 provides big data solutions to help retailers and department stores analyse their businesses.

The startup charges clients SaaS annual fees and hardware fees. According to the startup, it has served over 1000 clients including Wanda Group and SAIC Motor.



Company:  Senmass (钛盒)

Round: Series Pre-A, May 2018

Amount: over RMB 10 million (over USD 1.6 million)

Investors:  Halei China (哈雷中国), MY Capital


Founded in December 2015, Senmass provides IoT-enabled packing solutions to companies in retail, FMCG, agriculture, logistics, etc. Users will be able to track their packages with the Senmass app.

The startup is based in Tianjin under a team of seven. According to the startup, it will target companies which produce alcohol as future customers.


Enterprise Services

Company:  IRiS(润雅)

Round: Series A, May 2018

Amount: tens of millions of yuan

Investors:  Blue Run Ventures, Panlin Capital


IRiS provides a platform for vehicle retailers that automates the management process. The startup also provides big data solutions to help vehicle retailers better understand the market.

According to the startup, it is now partnering with almost 2k clients. With the fresh funds, IRiS plans to expand into fourth- or fifth- tier Chinese cities and recruit sales personnel.



Company:  Aihui Healthcare (爱汇健康)

Round: Series A+, December 2017

Amount: RMB 50 million (USD 7.8 million)

Investors:  Undisclosed


Aihui Healthcare is a startup that provides, what it calls, a “Hospital Bedside Infotainment System” which is an intelligent nursing system.

The startup has raised RMB 130 million (around USD 20.4 million) in its three rounds of financing. It plans to raise a Series B round worth RMB 200 – 400 million (USD 31.4 – 62.8 million) to expand its market and team, as well as improve its current offerings.



Company:  NNCZ (牛牛成长)

Round: Series Pre-A, May 2018

Amount: over RMB 10 million (around USD 1.6 million)

Investors:  In Capital


Founded in August 2017, NNCZ provides a platform where parents can find sport coaches for their children. Its classes include American football, baseball, tennis, and canoe.

When a parent places an order on the platform, the platform will automatically assign the work to a coach nearby. Other parents could also schedule for the class.


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