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An Investor’s Biggest Enemy is Too Much Money: Allen Zhu

“The biggest enemy of investors is in fact the funds that are massively flooding the market caused by the bull market for nine consecutive years, directly causing serious distortion of the business model, and the return of investment has been substantially reduced.”


– April 8th, 2018, Allen Zhu Xiaohu, Managing Director, GSR Ventures


Allen Zhu has been dubbed the unicorn hunter for his exceptional instincts in the hottest startups. Some of his more notable investments were the investment made by GSR Ventures in, the billion-dollar food delivery service, and Ofo, the bike-sharing startup. But his most outstanding investment, the one that put him on Forbes Midas list, was being the first institutional investor in Didi Chuxing, the company that devoured Uber in China in 2016. He was ranked 65 on the Midas list in 2016 and has currently climbed up to 42 in 2018.

36Kr Global Contributors
36Kr Global Contributors
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