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Alibaba-backed Weibo works with AppsFlyer to tap into online ads growth

Alibaba-backed Chinese social media Weibo is working with mobile marketing analytics firm AppsFlyer in an aim to carve out a bigger pie in the Chinese online advertising market, the two companies announced today.

Weibo is a Twitter-like social media platform that heavily skews toward mobile, as 93% of its 392 million monthly active users are mobile users. It has attracted a large swathe of brand advertisers to tout their products and services to Weibo users. According to a joint release, currently, there are more than 1 million corporate clients on Weibo.

While even prior to the tie-up, AppsFlyer has already been working with some Weibo advertisers in helping them understand their audience demographics and how to interact with them, the official and strategic tie-up, will give AppsFlyer more extensive data on Weibo, the same release notes.

China has been pushing itself towards a consumption-driven growth model, finding answers to what consumers buy, how they buy and what could influence their purchase decision becomes a vital question for advertisers.

By leveraging on Weibo data including the number of clicks, average revenue per user (ARPU), and new app installs among other metrics, the two companies expect to improve the accuracy of online advertising as well the understanding of web users.


– A set of data shows that online ads would account for 40.2% of global ad spend with the U.S. and China leading further growth in online ads in upcoming years and online video and social media being the driving force behind the growth.

– China’s online advertising market size is expected to hit almost RMB500 bn or US$72 bn in 2018, Weibo has kept up its growth momentum in the promising market, its ad revenue grew by 64% yoy in the last fnancial quarter.

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