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5 startups in China that caught our eye in 2021

The velocity of technological innovation in China makes its startup scene incredibly cutthroat. Great ideas can be emulated—and improved upon—and negate the advantages of getting there first. Companies that find success solve fundamental problems that others overlook, ride on trends that become habits for users, or even develop unique tech. Here are five startups that caught the eyes of our reporters and contributors in the first half of 2021.

#1: Leia brings 3D holograms to life

An accidental scientific discovery led to the company’s lightfield-based holographic technologies that are being used in medical imagery, education, and the automotive sector.

Leia is a Verified Solutions Partner of Unity Technologies, which gives Unity developers access to Leia’s platform to create and share 3D content. Image courtesy of Leia.

#2: XTransfer simplifies cross-border payments for exporters

Founded by Ant Group alums, the team behind XTransfer knows a thing or two about building practical payment solutions.

Overseas buyers are oftentimes “overcharged and underserved” by banks and conventional financial institutions, but XTransfer is changing that. Image courtesy of XTransfer.

#3: AI firm Aibee digitizes physical shopping spaces

Aibee was formed by a former head of Baidu Research. The firm creates digital counterparts to “space, people, and products” for brick-and-mortar retailers and shopping malls.

Aibee generates digital versions of spaces like shopping malls in what it says is an “irresistible” trend. Image courtesy of Aibee.

#4: Calm-backed mental wellness startup puts stressed out Chinese at ‘Ease’

Young people in China are increasingly taking steps to care for one another’s mental health, and Ease intends to be one of their go-to resources.

With immense work pressures in China’s rat race, self care is now a hot topic. Photo credit: Unsplash.

#5: Red Date is lowering the entry point to the blockchain network for SMEs

Blockchain technology might not be changing the world yet, but Red Date is building key infrastructure to make that happen.

red date
Red Date is a major player in developing China’s blockchain service network. Courtesy of Red Date Technology.

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